Sunday, March 6, 2011

Enter the Void

I just watched the movie and I have to say," wow, I can't believe what i just saw."
This movie has so many things that are...well hard to watch.  This isn't a movie to watch with the kids or people who have weak stomachs.

The movie takes places in Japan, and is about how certain events throughout your childhood can stick with you throughout your life.  This events help make you what you are today.

The movie seems like a whole drug trip.  The character you follow takes DMT, a drug that simulates how your body feels before you die, and makes you wonder if what you are seeing is real or not.

I recommend it just for the experience, though I'd never watch it again.
I love these types of mind bending movies, please suggest more for me to watch!   


  1. You made me wanna watch it now. :(

  2. I will check this one out, I love movies that leave an impression in your mind

  3. Sounds awesome and terrifying... But you made me want to watch it.

  4. I'll make sure to watch this one day.

  5. I've heard of this, too weird for me