Thursday, March 10, 2011

Going on Vacation

I am going on a cruise in the tropics for the next week.
So There won't be any post but be sure to enjoy the
official tropical vacation theme song.
Also, enjoy this movie which I use to watch all the time
when I was little.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Enter the Void

I just watched the movie and I have to say," wow, I can't believe what i just saw."
This movie has so many things that are...well hard to watch.  This isn't a movie to watch with the kids or people who have weak stomachs.

The movie takes places in Japan, and is about how certain events throughout your childhood can stick with you throughout your life.  This events help make you what you are today.

The movie seems like a whole drug trip.  The character you follow takes DMT, a drug that simulates how your body feels before you die, and makes you wonder if what you are seeing is real or not.

I recommend it just for the experience, though I'd never watch it again.
I love these types of mind bending movies, please suggest more for me to watch!   

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Here are some songs that have been stuck in my head the past couple of days:
Love the original and this remix just makes things better
You might recognize this song from an adult swim commerical. Turns out they are actually a
pretty good band.

Check 'em out and tell me what you think!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The King of Limbs Secret/Hidden Track

I'm sure all of you by now have listen to the King of Limbs by Radiohead but
for the people who downloaded from the website received a almost 5 MB
album art.  Seems fishy doesn't it?  5 Megabits for a picture file? This has made many people to believe there is something hidden within this file.

Since the release of Radiohead's latest album people across the Internet have come up with theories on hidden tracks and/or a second CD; anything to add to the very short album ( not even 40 minutes in length ). Even though,  members of the band have said that they were more interested in release only short LPs from now on.

I have trade editing the album art on my own and it seems like there is something there. You can try to edit it on your own.

First get the album art, it's exact size is 4.84 MB.
If you don't have it, try google.

Take the album art file and change it from a jpeg to a mp3.
Right-click and click rename.  Then change "thekingoflimbs.jpg" to "thekingoflimbs.mp3".

Then get a program like Audacity, and open the new "thekingoflimbs.mp3" file.

Now try editing it and see what you can make of it!
Let me know what you find!

PS. Try stretching the song out to 4 minutes or
changing the pitch or octave.